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“I've had numerous, very favorable comments from Board and staff alike regarding the retreat. All felt they were heard, validated and considered. I'm very encouraged that we've gotten some big issues out in the open. Many, many thanks for your smooth and inclusive leadership. It was much appreciated.”
– Georgie Woessner, Dayton Public Radio, Inc., Dayton, Ohio

“Thank you for a well-run, fruitful planning session. Even though we had a tight time schedule and strong board members, we sailed through the process well. And you turned around the report days ahead of your promised deadline.”
– Marian Spicer, Executive Director, The Community Foundation of Sidney and Shelby County, Sidney, Ohio

“We have had many compliments about your terrific presentation! The attendees very much appreciated the opportunity to learn from you...”
– Elizabeth Casselman, Associate Director, GIFT Program Associate, Indiana Donors Alliance, Indianapolis, Indiana

“You set the standard for this [Executive Director] series...”
– Risa Grimes, The Center For Nonprofit Resources, Dayton, Ohio

“Fred, again, you go above and beyond the call...”
– Phyllis Brzozowska, Executive Director, CITYFOLK, Dayton, Ohio

“It was different than I expected but went beyond my expectations as far as results.”
– Thomas Cox, CEO Bergamo Center for Lifelong Learning, Dayton, Ohio

“We got more than we bargained for!”
– Diane Sandquist, Executive Director, Community Foundation of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida

“Our region could not have come to conclusion without your skill.”
– Cindy Blorstad, Lawrence County Community Foundation, Bedford, Indiana

“You took a complicated situation and helped us make it seem easy.”
– Louise Markel, Community Foundation of Madison and Jefferson County, Madison, Indiana

“Several of our board members have told me they were amazed and pleased (extremely) that you brought such a large group to consensus.”
– Marilyn Klenck, Community Foundation Alliance, Evansville, Indiana

“Helped to grow a larger picture! Moved my dream to a goal because of structuring a plan.”
– Participant, Foundation For Appalachian Ohio Planning Process, Nelsonville, Ohio

“Gained a better understanding of our strengths and weaknesses; forced us to think about long-term goals; got a better feel of where other board members 'were coming from'.”
– Participant, Foundation For Appalachian Ohio Planning Process, Nelsonville, Ohio

“The system actually worked. There was a neat, logical flow throughout the process that produced the desired outcome of the retreat.”
– Participant, Area Agency on Aging Planning Process, Dayton, Ohio

“Highly perceptive, quick and direct in a supportive manner. The most effective use of $3,000 I can recall.”
– Richard King, City Manager, City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

“Fred, as you may know, I was not initially an advocate of the 360 degree evaluation method. However, due chiefly to the very professional approach that you brought to this assignment, I am a convert.”
– Tim Hansley, City Manager, City of Dublin, Ohio

“Fred, you did and do a great job. You have a great understanding of our organization that truly assists you in bringing issues to a head. Thanks for the day.”
– Fred Valerius, Executive Director, Butler County Board of Mental Retardation & Developmental Disabilities, Fairfield, Ohio

“The process was good. There was an anticipation of an adversarial proceeding. This apprehension was dispelled on the first day.”
– Participant, Hamilton County Welfare Reform Negotiations, Cincinnati, Ohio

“The all-congregation retreat was successful, as we were able to accomplish the goals established for ourselves. You played a major role in this accomplishment.”
– Robert E. Jones, Senior Pastor, College Hill Presbyterian Church, Dayton, Ohio

“You bring many talents to the art of facilitation, and you skillfully led the group through a process that promoted personal development.”
– Debra Moore, Associate Dean, The University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio

“Your consultation saved an enormous amount of time in establishing the founding Board of Visitors, and resulted in a first-class group of people – not only are they well-placed, they're there for the right reason.”
– Robert A. Miller, Provost, McGregor School, Antioch University, Yellow Springs, Ohio

“Your skills facilitating our meeting made a real difference in getting an agreement, and also in building the Board's confidence in itself.”
– Anthony M. Armocida, Superintendent, Yellow Springs Schools, Yellow Springs, Ohio

“The information that you shared with the group was educational, and the process you used to gather information about Board level support was invaluable.”
– Oliver P. Walker, Chief Executive Officer, Mary Scott Nursing Center, Dayton, Ohio

“I've been in many facilitated meetings over the years and have done some myself, but I must say your approach is about as good as it gets. Thanks!”
– Steven P. Brechter, Chair, International Bluegrass Music Museum, Owensboro, Kentucky

“Your grasp of the issues was very impressive and everyone was excited by the 'visioning' experience we shared.”
– Daniel Hays, Executive Director, International Bluegrass Music Association, Nashville, Tennessee

“Very inclusive – everybody's ideas were heard, discussed and considered.”
– Participant, United Arts of Central Florida Planning Process, Orlando, Florida

“Your skills really helped us focus on the very important issues we need to face and solve.”
– Tom Whelley, Board Member, Legal Aid Society, Dayton, Ohio

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