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Banks of the Ohio

Glossary of abbreviations used in playlists
(Korky Day, a listener in Vancouver, compiled the following glossary of abbreviations found in Fred Bartenstein's playlists for "Banks of the Ohio." If you notice discrepancies or additional entries, email

ac a capella (or accordion)
ah autoharp
b banjo
bav baritone vocal
bg banjo guitar
bs bass fiddle (string bass)
bsv bass vocal
c cello
cb clawhammer banjo
d Dobro (resonator guitar)
dr drums and percussion
dv duet vocal
eb electric bass
eg electric guitar
f fiddle (violin)
g guitar
gj gitjo
h harmonica
hv harmony vocals
i in my iTunes files
lg lead guitar
ls lap steel
lv lead vocals
m mandolin
mc mandocello
p piano (or percussion)
pe percussion
pi piano
rel released by
sb string bass (bass fiddle)
st steel guitar
tb tenor banjo
tv tenor vocals
v vocalist (or violin)
va viola

Radio/Net Info

Fred Bartenstein has hosted bluegrass programs on eight radio stations between 1966 and 2008. He most recently produced 175 editions of "Banks of the Ohio: Music From the Homeplace of Bluegrass," a three-hour weekly webcast/broadcast on the history of bluegrass music, for the International Bluegrass Music Museum in Owensboro, Kentucky. The current host of "Banks of the Ohio," George McKnight, can be reached here.

On the left of this page, you can select "Banks of the Ohio" playlists back to 2003. These include songs that were played, their recorded sources, and information on the artists and recordings. We regret that current laws prohibit us from making archived editions of the program available for download or copying.

Fred got his start in radio at the age of 16 on WREL (Robert E. Lee!) in Lexington, Virginia. While still in high school, he helped Bill Vernon and Tom Whitmore produce "Country Music" on WBAI in New York City, and hosted "Grassroots of Music" on WDHA, Dover, New Jersey. While in college, he helped with the famous "Hillbilly at Harvard" on WHRB in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In Ohio since 1975, he has also been heard on "Bluegrass Special" over WONE, (Dayton); "Faded Love," "Country Music College of the Air," and "Bluegrass Breakdown" on WYSO (Yellow Springs/Dayton); and "Bluegrass Pickin' Party" on WBZI (Xenia/Dayton), WKFI (Wilmington), and WEDI (Eaton).